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Once upon a time a girl bought a pottery wheel and fell madly in love...

and so my fairy tale started.

My pottery studio is located in Zaffelare, Belgium.

Named after my grandfather who used to tell my ancestors were potters.

His words were the beginning of everything. 

My style is pure, I mix my own clay and make my own matte glazes. 

I don't like to make the same thing over and over. Because I have my own style everything always matches. 

And because I mix my own clay every single piece is slightly different, you always have something that's one of a kind and made with so much love.

I spend a lot of time in my studio and still get blown away by this magical process every single day. 

Every 3 months I open my studio for a special shop moment and a big webshop update.

I always announce these on my instagram page and by e-mail so make sure you subscribe if you want to be notified.

It's not possible to shop at other moments because other people also rent my studio so please respect these moments. 

I offer some workshops, but my main focus is throwing myself. So sadly the places for my workshops are limited. 

But if you join a pottery course or you buy some of my ceramics, I know it will bring lots of joy <3



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